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Rhonda and Rachel

They met at The Bar Method. Not only have they become two of our most hard-working, most improved and dedicated clients, but they also have developed a special friendship at our studio. So glad to have both of you as a part of our Bar Method family!

rhonda and rachel

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“I went to my first Bar Method class the first day the studio opened. Since then, I’ve been going three times a week and have never been stronger or more toned in my life. Before Bar Method, I belonged to a gym, but I made every excuse not to go: too tired, too hungry, too late. Bar Method is great because once I sign up for a class, I’m not only committed but I also really look forward to going. The instructors are all amazing, and truly care about all of the people who attend class. The Bar Method has also been a great place to make friends, like Rhonda, my fellow Bar Star of the Month. I’m looking forward to continuing Bar Method for a long time!”


“Like Rachel, I began the Bar Method shortly after the studio opened. After a month, I was hooked. I saw results in my legs with long, lean muscles, I had better posture, and the stretching was actually helping me sleep better at night, alleviating muscle pain that was common for me in the past. The instructors care about the clients and it shows. I’m finding that the more I attend, the harder it is…because I’m improving my form and challenging myself. Rachel’s been a terrific friend and exercise partner. We motivate one another on those long, grueling work days and agree to meet up for an evening class. I admire that Karen and her team focus on whole-body health and well-being. Strong is the new skinny and I love the strength I gain every time I come to class.”