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I remember when Karen called me (over 2 ½ years ago) to ask me to come over to try a new exercise program she was considering bringing to Orlando. I have been working out for more years than I want to admit and I’ve done it all, group classes, private training with weights, weight training with friends and on my own, and whatever else I could find. I don’t like shopping, so I use exercise as my hobby.

I could never have imagined all these years later, that I would still be an active client at The Bar Method. Who would have thought that exercising with little or no weight and doing 1-inch movements could be such a great workout?  And since I get easily bored with exercising, it’s perfect that no class is ever the same. A full body workout that is always challenging is exactly what I love about this program.

I also like the family feeling the teachers have. They treat me special, but I know that they really treat each client special in their own way. They keep us on our toes too (literally & figuratively). They push us to challenge ourselves, even on days when maybe we just aren’t “feeling it”. I also enjoy the camaraderie with other clients, my Bar Method friends.One of the best things is being able to take class with my oldest daughter who also loves The Bar Method.

When I started, I could not even come close to taking the “split option” when stretching. I am now only a couple of inches away from a full split. I’ve never been so flexible. The only complaint I have is that the stretches we do that will “make you taller” are definitely NOT working…I should be at least 2-3 inches taller! Haha! Oh well, guess I’ll just have to keep on trying.

jodi krinker