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I have been taking The Bar Method classes now for 1-1/2 years, and I am absolutely addicted! I try to go every day, but that is not always possible. A sad day is a day I have to miss my Bar Method class!

Honestly, this is the hardest workout I have ever done – and I’ve trained for and run marathons! In my pet care business (Happy at Home Pet Sitting & Care) I walk all different sized dogs all day long – many extremely large and strong dogs! Since taking The Bar Method classes, I am no longer being dragged around the block! I feel so much stronger and so much more fit!

I love how all of the instructors push you (in very sweet voices) to do just a little more and go just a little further each time. They really seem to know what we are capable of and how to motivate us. I am still “stall bar girl,” but I do have a few goals that I’d like to reach one day: Move to a “big girl bar.” Touch my toes. And finally, be asked by one of the instructors, “Rachel, why are you not taking the “L” option?”

As often as I go to Bar Method classes, people sometimes will ask me what I am training for, and I simply tell them – life. You never know what life is going to throw at you, and you have to be able to bob & weave. The Bar Method workouts allow you to build strength in a healthy, full-body way that I do not believe any other workout offers. One would be hard-pressed to find instructors (in any fitness program) with more knowledge, a better ability to articulate that knowledge, and more genuine sincerity to truly see you improve than at The Bar Method. So, a big thank you to Karen, Trish, Ellen, Kendra, Danielle, Cayce, Sara, Mimi, Beth, Caitlin, Kelly and Laura for raising The Bar here!

rachel laghi