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Tarah, is a true inspiration. She is beautiful, strong, committed and, as a Pro Wakeboarder, is loving The Bar Method! We are honored to have her as a part of our studio and family. She is the epitome of grace, beauty and strength! Congratulations Tarah…you so deserve this!


Read her testimonial here: “I have really never been one for going to the gym. This is the first time that I have found a workout program that I want to go to regularly. The girls at The Bar Method are amazing & so helpful! I just know that I would never push myself to work through the “shaking” the way the instructors encourage me to do! I can see a difference in my body & I am way more flexible.

As a pro wakeboarder, my fitness is of the utmost importance. The Bar Method has helped me strengthen so many muscles that support my knees and back. I love that they take such great care in correcting body position and posture. I encourage all my friends to do The Bar Method!”