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Jess and Diana

Mother and Daughter, Diana and Jess. They are both beautiful…Jess has some great genes! We have loved having them both as dedicated clients. It is so sweet and fun that they can share The Bar Method together.

It is perfect motivation for all of you out there thinking about the new year. You could look and feel as good as these women. We are so happy to have them as a part of our Bar Method family.

jess and diana

Hear more from them: Diana- “I’ve exercised all my life: spinning, jogging, fitness classes, personal trainers. I appreciated the importance of exercise, but it was always a chore and I struggled with motivation. The Bar Method has completely revitalized my outlook on fitness. The total body work that incorporates strengthening and stretching has changed the shape of my body. The instructors are personable, professional, motivating and encouraging. I don’t like being out of town for one reason…I miss my Bar class! Thank you! Can’t wait to go into the New Year with the Bar Staff!”

Jess- “I started the Bar Method in January 2012 and have been hooked ever since! The workouts are challenging and target the entire body. The instructors are knowledgeable and encouraging. Most importantly, the results are real. My seat is higher, my abs are tighter, and my legs are leaner! At long last, I have found the perfect full-body workout. Thank you Bar Method!”