Reservations & Waitlist

  • While walk-ins are welcome, we recommend reserving classes online in order to guarantee your spot in class. For your convenience, we also have a free Bar Method app available for your phone. When you arrive at the studio, please check-in at the front desk so we know you have arrived and can ensure you have an enjoyable experience. If you do not arrive prior to the start of class, your reservation will be given away to someone on the waitlist. Click here to schedule a class.
  • You may call in your reservation up to 30 minutes prior to the start of class, however we strongly encourage using the online reservation system. We make this recommendation as the online reservations may book the class to capacity. We do not accept reservations left on our voicemail or via email.
    • Classes fill up quickly, but spaces open up regularly due to peoples’ unpredictable schedules. If you’d like to attend a class that is full, please put yourself on the waitlist. As spots open up, you will be notified via email if you are put into the class. Please reply to the email immediately whether you can attend or not. You are responsible for your reservation if you are put into the class from the waitlist. If you do not cancel your class and do not attend, our standard cancellation policy will apply. You should take your name off the waitlist if you no longer want to be put in the class if a spot opens up.
    • If you get into a class and are already scheduled for another class, please cancel one of the classes so that someone else can attend. You may call the studio at any time prior to the start of class to check your waitlist status if you do not have email access.

Cancellations & No-shows

  • Please cancel at least two hours before class starts to avoid a late charge.
  • If you do not cancel or do not show up for the class, you will automatically be charged $10.
  • You may cancel online or by calling the studio.
  • We cannot take email cancellations.
  • We enforce this policy to give a waitlisted client a chance to take your spot.

Late Arrival to Class

  • First-time students should arrive 15 minutes early.
  • First-time students may enter a class up to five minutes after it has started.
  • Returning students may enter up to 10 minutes after class has started.

Class Attire

  • Socks are required. We sell Bar Method grip socks at the studio.
  • Please wear exercise pants to the knee or below and tops that cover the midriff.

Studio Etiquette

  • Socks are required.
  • Please throw away gum before entering class.
  • Please leave cell phones in a locker or at the front desk
  • Clear liquids are allowed in the studio.
  • If entering late, please lift your knees 30 times to warm up safely.
  • If you must leave early, please do so before the final stretch.

Pregnant Clients

The Bar Method allows pregnant clients to continue taking class. We have adopted several modifications that allow the exercises to be performed comfortably throughout the pregnancy. However, we still need to adhere to the following policies:

  • Pregnant clients may participate only with doctor’s permission (Please provide a doctor’s note).
  • Pregnant clients may take the first half of class for half price if needed (focus is on arms and legs).
  • Please inform your teacher you are pregnant so appropriate modifications may be given.

For more information about The Bar Method and pregnancy, click here!

Age Restrictions

  • Teens 15 and older may attend class after a parent or guardian has signed a waiver.

Illness & Injuries

  • Please let the front desk staff and your instructor know of any injuries that may limit your ability to do any of the exercises.
  • All instructors are trained to give modifications for every exercise and for most injuries.
  • The Bar Method is very safe, and exercises are created, modified and designed with a panel of physical therapists.
  • All persons currently under treatment for any heart condition or back or knee injuries must present written permission from a licensed physician before participating in our classes.
  • You may not take class if you suffer from severe sciatica, a heart condition, epilepsy or severe obesity.

Mixed Level: All levels welcome.

  • Bar Basics: Emphasis on Bar Method basics, great for all levels, particularly beginners.
  • Level 2: More advanced, fast-paced class. Bar Move: Bar Move is a class with an exciting redesigned sequence that gives it a faster pace and a cardiovascular feel. You must have taken at least 20 Mixed Level classes, and be strong and confident with proper form to participate in Level 2 and Bar Move classes. When Bar Basics, Level 2 or Bar Move, and Mixed are shown at the same time, they will be in separate studios.
  • Class times subject to change. Please check our online reservation system for the most up-to-date schedule and to reserve your spot at the Bar. Reservations are recommended. Upload our free app to make booking classes easy!
  • All classes start on time. Returning students may enter up to 10 minutes after class has started, and are required to lift their knees 30 times prior to joining class. New students please arrive 15 minutes prior to class.
  • Attire: Exercise pants to the knee or below and tops that cover the midriff. Socks are also required.